Searching for cool projects:

Spice paintings made with glue and the old spices in the back of your cabinet.

Tools and materials to help make awesome things with boxes. I need more children to buy gifts for. I also want to have someone to make an advent calendar for.

This amazing jellyfish in a bottle toy, that I want to make like yesterday. (note: they make it sound like this is a super easy project… it is not. I know because I tried to do it like FIVE times in a row.)

Watercolor crayon shavings. yes. spray. sprinkle. iron.

More salt art, this time using chalk to color the salt.

Painting while using a credit card to spread out the paint.

Bubble paintings are a fun idea! I especially appreciate the idea of poking a hole towards the top of the sponge.

This color wheel ceiling is such a lovely idea.


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