An interview with a Waldorf enthusiast and toy maker.

A seasonal mobile idea.

Sewn handwarmers.

Shadow puppet theater.

Child Central Station.

Coffee ground fossils.

This video about handmade toys is the thing. Arvind Gupta



Images of rooms within rooms for young children.

Inspired wall decals by “Blik.”

Simple natural dyes for painting with, and how to make them.

How to build fairy houses and (insanely fragile, but gorgeous) hollyhock dolls to go with them. While your at it check out these flower girls. They would be so pretty to just print out for inspiration.

A few sewing projects for children, broken up by age group.

Not sure if this qualifies as art or science, but this rainbow flower garden is a lovely idea.

How to make watercolor paint.

A very sweet story about the general “newness” of all childhood experiences.

Photos from The Albany Free School. But particularly this one. They seem to have such a lovely outdoor program. Their about us is also very interesting.


There are some wonderful set-ups for dramatic play here.

An inspiring environment: Sunrise Day Care and Kindergarten. I love the wood panels and the hallway with the rainbow fabric in particular.

Cheap diy light table idea!

Fabric maze toy idea.

Sensory tubs! In particular, the cloud dough beach one!!!

A plan for what students would do if a poisonous snake was to infiltrate the classroom. I love this, because it so seems to follow children’s interests.

Cowgate’s under 5s outdoor classroom.

A banging wall, which is a really great idea if you don’t have any neighbors.

This is a great idea, but not with insulation foam, which is super-bad for your lungs.

Puffy snow paint: 1 part school glue, 4 parts shaving cream.